“iPhone Wallpaper”

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If you’re bored with the stock “iPhone wallpaper”, you can design your own wallpaper with a few simple steps. For starters, you can use a free application called Canva to create your own wallpaper. This program lets you choose a theme and add images. It’s also very easy to use, and it works on just about any platform.

"Iphone Wallpaper"
“iPhone Wallpaper”

There are many ways to customize your iPhone’s wallpaper. The first step is to find an image that is large enough to fill the screen. This is especially difficult when you’re using an older iPhone, since pictures taken with this model are too small for display. The best way to counteract this is to select an image that is 744 pixels wide and 1392 pixels tall. Google’s image search tool is a great help when it comes to selecting the right size image.

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